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About M.P. Murray Art


"I read copious amounts of comic books and paperbacks as a kid, especially titles from Marvel, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Louis L'Amour. As an offshoot, I discovered an adventurous love of art and began to develop my drawing skills with the help of accomplished artists like John Buscema, Frank Frazetta and Fredric Remington. In place of formal training, I simply copied and mimicked their cover art, with a keen appreciation for their bold lines, use of color and compositional styles."

M. P. Murray was raised a Hoosier. He explored many artistic themes, with a fondness for the wilderness where he found plenty of inspiration in the surrounding woods, hills, wetlands and quaint farms... and the many critters that lived their too.

Life, learning, art, outdoor adventures, and the American Southwest



I was 11 when I drew this roadrunner for my folks.  It marked my first visit to Arizona, and the first time someone framed and hung my artwork on a wall.



I painted this character in a series for the first marketing company I worked for. It's the only remaining painting from that time that I didn't sell or give away.


Hidden Canyon

This old gate and miner's trail has been the starting point for many an adventure into the McDowell Mountain preserve.

During his first trip out West, M. P. fell in love with the striking light, color and spaces of the Arizona desert that he explored with his grandparents who bred and showed horses.  After graduating high school, he relocated there to study advertising at Arizona State University, then served four years at a remote U.S. Naval Aviation base in pristine Alaskan wilderness.

After the Navy, he beat tracks for Arizona to refine his studies in the Communication Arts, graduating #1 in his class. He was immediately hired by a prestigious marketing company in Phoenix where he quickly earned a reputation as a savvy brand builder in leisure, hospitality and other diverse industries. He received numerous accolades over a 30-year span, including national and international awards and recognition as a leading Creative and Marketing Executive in the vacation industry.

"My profession has always provided an enjoyable and rewarding creative outlet, but I still make time to paint... mostly for friends and family over the years, also accepting some commission work when time permitted. Additionally, I 've donated several paintings to various charity and fundraising auctions, and I'm delighted to support some worthy organizations including Heroes & Horses, and The Mustang Heritage Foundation."

The adventure continues


Off the clock, M. P. Murray continues to be an avid outdoorsman –– hiking, riding, exploring, photographing and painting scenes around Arizona. He lives in the McDowell Mountains on Mustang Way –– just a stones throw from the Verde River and some of the best remaining wild horse country in Arizona.

"I amassed reference photography from decades of treks and felt it was finally time to give a little more attention to one of my great passions and share it with folks. Often I've come upon a scene and merely wished that other people could see what I was seeing. Well, I can do a little something about that with my paintings and photos... help make that powerful connection to the beauty, wonder and mystery of God's creation; and share something of the immense diversity and joy to be encountered in the Arizona Desert."