Meet Red’s New Colt, Bandit

It was great to encounter Old Gold's band on a ridge above the Rio Verde this past Sunday and a big bonus to meet Red's new colt.

Little T, I hope you enjoy the limited edition of "Red's Tree," and thanks for taking the time to name this little fella, henceforth known as Bandit.  Fits him... well, to a T!

Mustang Heritage Foundation

Friend and Supporter of the Mustang Heritage Foundation M. P. Murray recognizes the issues facing America's Mustang and is pleased to provide support as a Member and through the sale of his artwork, donating a portion of the proceeds to this worthy organization. The Mustang Heritage Foundation was founded to support the Bureau of Land…
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Fishing for Inspiration

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One of my favorite ways to find inspiration is to take my kids fishing. Where all the elements are masterfully combined... pristine riparian habitat... the perfect fishing hole... wild horses foraging downriver... many diverse and playful critters at river's edge.