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Breakfast with Mustangs

I wanted to invite you on this morning's trek (Father's Day 06/16/19), a little ode to fathers everywhere.  Don't forget to turn on/up the volume and enjoy some of my favorite mustangs.

Mac an Tàirneanaich

This is the young mustang I call Mac an Tàirneanaich (Son of Thunder).  He's usually scrapping with other mustangs, but we've been working on it.  When he spots me now, he always comes over to say "hey."

Herd Manners

This past weekend I crossed paths with about six wild horse bands, running the Tonto Verde ridge, under the watchful gaze of this serious herd stallion. After beating tracks, stomping, snorting and the like, he finally simmered down and gave me the nod. Some time later, a young stallion from Gold's band was curious enough to approach.

Meet Red’s New Colt, Bandit

It was great to encounter Old Gold's band on a ridge above the Rio Verde this past Sunday and a big bonus to meet Red's new colt.

Little T, I hope you enjoy the limited edition of "Red's Tree," and thanks for taking the time to name this little fella, henceforth known as Bandit.  Fits him... well, to a T!